Begin research

Notes of begin research

Pick a Good Topic

  • It interests you! You’ll enjoy it and do a better job.
  • It meets the requirements of your assignment.
  • It’s broad enough to give you several search options.
  • It’s focused enough that you’re not overwhelmed with information.

Identify Potential Ideas

Browse a few resources for ideas and identify different aspects of the topic.

Customize Your Topic


Turn Your Topic into a Question

5 W question

What’s Your Angle?


Find Your Keywords

we need to identify the key concepts and their related keywords. 同时搜索关键词的同义词。

eg. How does repeated pesticide use in agriculture impact soil and groundwater pollution?

Dive Into a Sea of Resources!



Knowledge cycle

  • The timeline for producing scholarly information
  • The resources available throughout the information cycle
  • The types of information used and produced in different disciplines

A Timeline of Information

A Cycle of Revolving Research

Research and Information for Different Disciplines